This co-operation programme between Hungary and Croatia is the successor of the 2007 – 2013 Hungary – Croatia (IPA) CBC Programme. The successful implementation of the first CBC programme between the two countries laid substantial groundwork for further joint development within the current period.

The Programme allocated 52 433 025 € of EU funding for the seven years and offered a wide range of opportunities to the potential beneficiaries within two priorities: Sustainable Environment and Tourism and Co-operative Economy and Intercommunity Human Resource Development.

Various activities were eligible for financing, including infrastructure developments serving the protection of nature and natural values; elaboration of joint programmes, studies, strategies for the improvement of environmental protection; construction and designation of new cycling routes; development of tourism attractions and of related infrastructural facilities; creating and promoting pathways to integration and re-entry into employment for disadvantaged people; development of infrastructural and equipment capacities in the field of research; preparation of joint feasibility studies; development of common curricula and of joint training facilities; people to people activities like organising festivals, performances, theatrical tours, concerts, exhibitions, art workshops, charity events, cross-border amateur sport championships and tournaments; and activities to reduce language barriers.

During the Programme’s implementation three open calls for proposals resulted in as many as 164 successfully finalised projects. Their complete list can be accessed by clicking here.