Interreg brand perception analysis - the BENEFICIARY perspective, survey

Dear Lead Beneficiaries (LBs),

Interact as a specialised Programme providing support for the implementation of the Interreg programmes ( has asked Hungary-Croatia Joint Secretariat (JS), as well as the other Programmes' secretariats, for a help in disseminating the survey to (Lead) Beneficiaries.

The aim of the survey is to understand how project beneficiaries perceive and use Interreg as a brand. It will help them to further develop the brand strategy for Interreg, having the beneficiaries' perspective on the Interreg brand.

The survey focuses on getting both a sense of how projects perceive Interreg and how they evaluate their experience.Interact has also taken the opportunity to ask you about the perceived impact of Interreg and your project(s) on the general public. 

The survey has been available under the link below:

The deadline for answering the survey is Wednesday 13 November 17:00 CET.

Thank you for your co-operation!  

Hungary-Croatia JS