The project is a continuation of joint work on nearly zero energy buildings topic (nZEB) that have started few years back through implementation of project Vocational education (V-educa) that was co-financed by the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013. Successful implementation of V-educa and good reactions from target groups within that project as well as identified further needs and problems were the starting point for development of present follow-up project V-educa 2. In the current project the emphasis is put on developing a curriculum, organising summer schools and practical education on both sides of the border for university students. Among its activities partners from both sides of the border have delivered an analysis of energy efficient construction, which compares the relevant regulations, gives a common definition for energy efficient construction for cross-border area (low energy, passive and nZEB), identifies successful energy efficient projects, provides their technical and financial analyses and finally presents the findings to students and teachers from participating universities.