The aim of the project was to connect the following settlements in the border region: Letenye (HU), Prelog (HR), Ludbreg (HR) with respect to bicycle tourism. In Letenye a bike centre was established. The centre is situated at the former cultural house with new functions in connection with bicycle tourism. In the courtyard, covered bike storages were installed. In the centre bike repair shop was opened. Along the bicycle routes in the region several resting places, information point and boards were installed. The tourists can get information about the cultural and natural values of the region including the history of the settlements and the Mura River. A smaller scale bicycle centre was established in the outskirts of Prelog, in Oporavec on the Croatian side. In Ludbreg a new bicycle path was built. Considering all these now the tourists are able to bike and hike around the region by using the 100 km long bicycle paths across Letenye, Prelog, and Ludbreg.