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Project events

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ForMURA - Closing Conference in Dekanovec

The closing conference of the project ForMURA, focusing on the development of a better joint flood protection system is held in Dekanovec, Croatia, on 5 July 2022.

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Eco Bridge - Nature Protection Conference

One of only three projects supported within the 212 Component, the Eco Bridge project focuses on revitalization of urban parks in two border towns, Čakovec and Letenye, with close cooperation with the regional protected areas management institutions. The joint aim - saving and increasing biodiversity and raising awareness about the issues of nature conservation. All this was presented at a professional conference in Čakovec on 11 July 2022.

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BLIGHT - Light Project Open Days

The partners of TOUREX project, realised within the B-Light SME grant scheme, are organizing project Open Days on 12 July 2022.

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Cycle Seeing Attractour - Closing Conference and Family Bike Day in Nagykanizsa

Cycle Seeing Attractour project results will be presented in Nagykanizsa and the closing conference of the project, which aimed at developing new tourist attractions in the region specialised for cyclinsts.

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Cycle Seeing Attractour - Bike Centre Opening Ceremony in Štrigova

In the final days of the Cycle Seeing Attractour project, there will be another big public event, this time a new Bike Info Centre will be open to public, along with a spectacular lookout tower atop the magnificent Mađerka Hill near Štrigova.

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