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ROBOTICO - Cross-border robotics camp

The fifth in the series of robotics camps planned within the ROBOTICO project is taking place in the Primary School of Ferdinandovac, Croatia, between 4 and 8 April 2022.

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TEACH - Study Trip

The partners within the TEACH project are organizing a study trip for experts in the field of education, to be held on 8 april 2022 in Pécs, Hungary. The project focuses on introduction of educational programs that promote intercultural dialogue and learning to Croatian and Hungarian teachers and educators.

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CABCOS3 - Closing Conference in Pécs

The final conference of the CABCOS3 project is to be held in Pécs, Hungary, on 12 April 2022.

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CHOIR - Closing Conference

The closing conference of the CHOIR project will be held in Osijek, Croatia, on 22 April 2022. It will mark the end of implementation of the project centred around cooperation in arts and music and the shared cultural heritage of the cross-border region.

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Cross-border Wine Routes 2 - Cross-border wine competition

The traditional St George's Day Wine Competition in Villány was held this year for the 37th time, with the samples collected by mid-April 2022. The results of the competition were announced on Friday 22 April 2022 in the Siklós Castle.

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BRIGHT SOCIAL MINDS - Knowledge Transfer Training

A methodology transfer workshop is organised by the partners of the Bright Social Minds project, intended for Croatian and Hungarian professionals of municipal, state or non-governmental organisations whose task is to help the social integration of disadvantaged people. Application deadline is 15 April 2022!

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BLIGHT - Light Project Closing Conference

The closing conference of another Light Project, supported within the B-Light Scheme, called SMART Wastewater Treatment Plant, is to be held on 27 April 2022, via the online pltform ZOOM.

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